Tracie Jones Registered Nurse - Care Centre

“Before joining Morris Care in 2016, I worked for the NHS in hematology and oncology. Morris Care is a breath of fresh air, I now have more time to care and it makes a huge difference to my working day.

As a Registered Nurse, I work at both Wellington Court and Wrekin Court at the Care Centre and it’s amazing. I love being part of a team where we all care. If a resident wants a chat, I can give them that time. If one of our residents is at end of life and they need a hand to hold, I can be there. It is a very special job.

I found Morris Care purely by chance when I was on annual leave from my previous role, and I got to thinking, I love working with the elderly and I wanted somewhere that has the same ethos as I do, so I went online and had a look at Morris Care. It just rang out to me. I came for an interview and that is how my story began!

Morris Care is always one step ahead with its training and I have completed loads and loads of different training since I have been here, from learning how to manage end of life the Morris Care way to syringe driver training. I have also gone through all of my medication training again. We learn every day, and if I do come across a stumbling block, then I not only have my colleagues to turn to, but I have my managers too. Just because you are fully qualified, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning.

I would say that to work in a caring role at Morris, the most important things are to be compassionate, have a caring nature and a sunny disposition. If you are happy and show it, then the people you care for pick up on that. It’s infectious.

The advice I would give to anyone applying for a role here is to read the background and history behind it all. Not just the care side but the whole company, it’s fascinating. If I had had more time, I would have also gone to visit the Homes to have a look around and meet the staff.”