Samuel Alabi Registered Nurse - Radbrook

How did you start a career in care?

“The passion to nurse started when I was quite young. My mother sadly passed away whilst I was in secondary school and although we did everything we could to help her, she passed within a couple of days of falling ill. I said to my father, “if only one of us had the skills and knowledge to really help her, she might have lived”. 

“So that was it, I wanted to be a Nurse and here I am. I know I have made my father and my family very proud.”

How did you get into nursing?

“I’m originally from Nigeria and started my training there. I came over to the UK to qualify and then went to Jamaica to start practising before coming back to the UK. It'll be 40 years this May since I started, I can’t believe that. It’s been an amazing journey.”

How long have you been working at Morris Care?

“I’ve been at Radbrook for four years now. It’s a great place to work, there’s a great team and a lovely atmosphere in the Home.”

What do you love most about your job in care?

“I am giving something back to society every day and you can see how you are really helping someone. In elderly care specifically, it's seeing the faces of families and loved ones when they feel reassured knowing their loved one is being well looked after - they are so grateful. 

“We all have spiritual and physical needs - we can attend to both in our job. I can administer medicine to help someone get better, or to manage or delay a condition but I can also be there for the person at the really hard times, like the end of life.”

How have Morris Care helped you with your career?

“There are always new advances in medicine but the values remain the same and this is evident in how Morris Care run their Nursing Homes. Morris has been great with my professional development, they are a very supportive company to work for.”

What advice do you have for someone looking to start a career in care?

“Invest in yourself, be proactive and always keep your goals in mind. Nursing shouldn’t be about the money, it should be about job satisfaction.”