Rofel Dean Care Practitioner - Care Centre

“I first started working at Morris Care back in 2009. I had no experience in care prior to this as my background lay in cooking, so I did struggle to find a nursing home who would believe in me to do a good job.

I applied for five roles at five different care homes, and Morris Care were the only ones who believed in me. I began by working in Stretton Hall as a supervisor/mentor for five years which I loved doing, and I have been trained in handling medication as well as in Health & Safety. I’ve always had the ambition to progress.

Following a move to Wellington, I was lucky to get a role within walking distance as a Care Practitioner at the Care Centre, so I was able to stay in the company.

Morris has been so supportive of me during my career in care, and have given me more opportunities than I could ever have dreamt of.

To work for Morris Care I believe you have to be experienced, passionate, enthusiastic, loyal and dedicated.

In this environment, it is imperative that you put residents before anyone else and think of their needs before your own. I didn’t come in with the intention of making friends, but it’s a bonus that this happened along the way.

Morris Care is a great company to work for in terms of the support and encouragement given to not just do a job, but to forge a successful career and the longevity of staff such as myself is testament to this. I would recommend them to anyone looking to either start a new career or continue within the field of care."