Our Dementia Care Nursing Homes

Our dementia care homes offer a wealth of practical and emotional support to ensure residents with dementia are provided with all they need to continue living fulfilling lives. No matter the form, the severity of the symptoms, our handpicked carers will devote their time to make sure everyday routines are maintained in a calm and relaxed environment.

We call this approach our Cedar Philosophy. It is used across our Homes to reduce anxiety and stress, focusing on the individual and their personal needs.

About The Cedar Philosophy

We pioneered The Cedar Philosophy alongside a team of experts from the University of Stirling. It focuses on an individual’s wellbeing and personal needs, not just their nursing requirements. The approach promotes dignity and respect for those living with all forms of dementia. The approach also aims to reduce anxiety and stress and can lead to real therapeutic benefits.

We work closely with local GPs, consultants and other health professionals to ensure we have all of the necessary background information about our residents, which will then enable us to provide the best possible care plan.

This pioneering thinking uses a range of innovative approaches that are tailored to an individual’s needs, medical background and life story. Whether it’s the job they did, the seaside holidays they took as children or getting married to the love of their life, through the Cedar Philosophy and specialist training we evoke and unlock those special moments. We feel that if we know the person, then we can provide the care they need.

Our dementia care homes feature specialist reminiscence rooms with 1950’s Ercol furniture, designated memory zones and familiar objects to stimulate the senses and create positive associations and interaction.

The philosophy encourages residents to live to their own timescales, continues to give them a sense of purpose and means they are part of a warm, accepting and friendly community. 

For specialist dementia care Shropshire and Cheshire, please get in touch with us or book a visit to one of our dementia care homes. We are always here to help answer your questions.