When Two Weeks Turns into 24 Years

Pride was brimming over at Radbrook Nursing Home this week when Care Supervisor Patricia Hodnett was surprised by Chief Executive Lucy Holl who arrived bearing a huge box of chocolates to deliver a personal thank you to her during Carers Week. 

This week Patricia celebrates 24 amazing years caring and supporting residents at our renowned nursing home in Shrewsbury and is one of our longest serving carers.

“I only planned to stay for a couple of weeks and here I am 24 years later- still here and still loving what I do here” Patricia said. 

“This is just so lovely to be recognised today on my anniversary of joining and it is what I have come to expect from this company – it’s why I have stayed so long.  During all these years, Morris Care and everyone in it has been so kind and supportive, especially helping me during such difficult personal times and making me feel part of something special.”

Lucy Holl commented: “Patricia represents the very best of her profession.  She began her career with us as a Care Assistant and has grown through training and her experience gained to become a Care Supervisor.  She brings so much value to the lives of those she cares for through her professionalism and kindness.”

Santhosh George, Deputy Manager, which has recently undergone extensive refurbishment, was in on the surprise and delighted to be part of the event:

“It’s an honour and a joy to work with Patricia and I know she has the respect and admiration from all those she looks after so well too.  She is always the one to offer a helping hand and it’s lovely to recognise her positive contribution. It’s given us a real lift to celebrate with her today.”

Lucy asked Patricia the secret of her enduring success within her role and Patricia explained that working in a friendly and close knit team is rewarding and that making a positive difference to the lives of those she cares for is what she enjoys: “I love to listen to their stories” she added. 

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