What should I do if I think a loved one may have dementia?

If you believe that a family member or friend is becoming increasingly forgetful, it’s a good time to get a doctor’s appointment. Don’t ignore potential warning signs or wait until there is a crisis.

The symptoms you’ve noticed could just be ordinary age-related changes. Or they might not. It’s important to find out one way or the other, so the appropriate action can be taken.

Book an Appointment

Encouraging your loved on to book an appointment with their GP as soon as they can will help rule out other conditions. However, it’s important to note that some patients that are on strong medication may experience similar symptoms to dementia such as memory loss or confusion.
It can be a very tough time for someone who’s experiencing symptoms of dementia, so giving them reassurance and remaining calm throughout is important.

Take Notes

It’s also helpful if you prepare for the appointment by detailing everything you’ve noticed about possible behavioural changes – i.e. when you first noticed it, what other medication they may be on, and important lifestyle changes.

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