What does memory care mean?

While some nursing homes focus on nursing care, memory care specialists offer dementia-specific households and activities tailored to the unique cognitive needs of those living with dementia.

Memory care provides a safe and structured environment with set routines to help lower stress for residents living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Memory care forms a key part of how we support our residents, using a range of specialist memory care techniques.

Our Homes

Our dementia households provide specialised support for those who are on different stages of their dementia journey. Our promise of ‘excellence as standard’ makes up the fundamentals of the service we provide for residents; ensuring that our residents can access the highest quality care within stimulating surroundings.

A key element of delivering our person-centred care is captivating memories and unlocking welcoming feelings associated with each resident’s past. Our care staff work hard to ensure that our support is person focused and enables individuals to navigate memory loss in old age.

Working to awaken and rediscover happy memories about previous careers, holidays and occasions is an activity that can involve the whole family. Here at Morris Care, we understand the importance physical surroundings have on a memory journey; and take considerations for nostalgia right from soft furnishings through to the crockery used at our regular afternoon teas.

Cherry Trees, Radbrook

The most recent specialist development in our dementia care services involves the newly launched Cherry Trees household at Radbrook Care Home; carefully designed to allow residents to engage with different memory stimulants from their past within a safe haven.

For those living with dementia; retaining their sense of self is so important with the potential threat of losing self-identity which is why many themed areas have been thoughtfully developed to encourage socialising and relaxation amongst residents.

Memory loss with age can have significant impacts on all those involved with an individual’s memory loss and we understand that accessing support can be difficult. Here are some links that could help you.

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