We've created a new role to support residents and staff

We have created a revolutionary new support role to enhance support for our residents, their families and our 500-plus workforce.

Pete Martin has joined the business as Pastoral Support Co-Ordinator. He will deliver psychological and emotional assistance to people at our six Nursing Homes across Shropshire and Cheshire.

Working alongside Home Managers, Pete will offer staff advice, support and guidance on work-related or personal matters that may be causing them stress or anxiety.

He will also give pastoral support to residents and their families, especially at key times such as moving into a nursing home, coping with changes in health conditions and at the end of life. Loved ones' needs and views will also receive due consideration in the residents' care plans.

Pete has many years of experience in providing pastoral support in healthcare settings. He was a Dementia Support Worker for Alzheimer’s Society in Shropshire and spent 15 years in East London and Lancashire hospitals where he was Head of Spiritual and Pastoral Care. He said:

“The new role is a positive move which shows Morris Care wants to support everyone, whether that’s a resident, relative or member of staff. Over recent years the needs of those who stay in nursing homes has become more complex and the environment has become busier. Morris Care continue to do all they can to provide the best possible care. I want people to get to know me as a person and not as a role, so they feel supported and comfortable to air their concerns. I am a listening ear, giving them time to share and to open up about how they feel. I am excited and privileged to be joining Morris Care and I am looking forward to working alongside the excellent workforce.”

Sue Austin, Chief Operating Officer, added:

“Pete is a caring professional, suited to this position. This new role will bring pastoral care and support into the heart of the organisation, benefiting all who live and work with us.”

We have Nursing Homes in Shrewsbury, Telford, Bridgnorth, All Stretton and Audlem. We employ 570 nurses, carers and support staff and has developed a holistic approach to care for residents. Our Cedar Philosophy focuses on personal wellbeing as well as clinical nursing requirements, aiming to reduce anxiety and stress.

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