Visible and Valiant – We celebrate our Carers

The national cry for this year’s national Carers Week is to make Carers more visible – and we couldn’t agree more.  Today, our 300 plus Carers working across six nursing homes in Shropshire and Cheshire kicked off the celebratory week with a personally signed Thank You card from new Chief Executive, Lucy Holl and sparkling new water bottles for all to keep hydrated.  We also took this moment to say an extra special thank you to two of its wonderful Care Practitioners, Vicki Fletcher from the Care Centre and Patricia Hodnett from Radbrook, who between them have racked up 46 years consistent service and dedication.

Morris Care Chief Executive Lucy Holl commented: “Vicki and Patricia epitomise what great Carers can do for the lives of those they support – theses ladies are the pinnacle of their profession. They have made the all-important difference to so many residents through their kindness, compassion and positivity.”

Surprising Vicki on Monday was Claire Smith, Home Manager for our Care Centre Homes in Wellington who presented Vicki with flowers/chocolates as a small mark of the respect and gratitude she has earnt from residents, their families and all her colleagues alike.

Claire Smith commented: “Vicki is one of those members of staff you simply could not do without.  She knows what it is like to work on the care frontline and brings a wealth of experience to our team helping deliver a range of specialist care services. Today, she works in our specialist dementia unit, Ercall Court. As a Carer she is a clear thinker with real social skills and a professional attitude and as a person she is kind and intuitive.

“We celebrate her long service with real pride not only amongst the Care Centre team here but across everyone in Morris Care. She is an inspiration.”

Vicki was thrilled to receive the accolade and said: “This is by far the most challenging role I have undertaken as I not only have to think for our residents who are living with dementia, but I have to be their voice too. What matters most is that they feel safe. Over time I’ve got know their personal stories and have become a familiar face. They have learnt to trust me, which means I can focus on their individual and personal needs. There is no better reward than that – although it was nice to be recognised with this lovely gift!”

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