The Importance of Social Wellbeing

As naturally social beings it is imperative that we maintain active and purposeful social lives which enhance and preserve our sense of wellbeing.

As children, we get together with friends to play. As adults we find it harder to make the time to see friends due to work and family commitments, but social interaction in later life is a vital part of growing old in a healthy way. 

That’s why at Morris Care we strongly believe in having a full and engaging social calendar. It means our residents are connecting with the people around them, ensuring they feel purposeful and socially engaged.

Our social events range from spending time at a ‘knit and natter club’ with fellow residents to embarking on a virtual cruise around the Caribbean. We aim to provide a diverse choice of activities that offer something for everyone because as they say, variety is the spice of life. 

Aside from the events and activities that we provide, our homes provide a socially responsive environment. We have many communal areas throughout our homes which make it easier for our residents to be more social whilst maintaining their privacy with private rooms.   

For more information on social wellbeing at Morris Care click here.

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