The Importance of Independence

To ensure our residents who live with dementia lead fulfilling and meaningful lives, we encourage them to have choice and the freedom to live their life the way they want to. Staff are encouraged to invest time in assisting our residents to complete tasks independently, increasing self-worth and can-do attitudes, along with supporting them to help them build their skills.

We enable this by giving our dementia teams the luxury of time and our teams are not restricted to regimented schedules. We have a number of policies and protocols in place but we felt that by introducing a less time-structured model, our care homes can consequently create a more homely environment for its residents, nurses and carers.

In order to move away from the traditional medical model of dementia care, providers should look to implement more person-orientated approaches, and spend time really getting to know an individual so bespoke care can be delivered. By focusing on people and not processes, care homes can start to promote calmer, meaningful and independent living on lower levels of medication.

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