The Definition of a Carer

This week we are celebrating Carers Week, an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlighting the challenges carers face and recognising the contribution they make to families and communities.

Caring is in our nature and is something most of us do every day, we care about our children, our pets and our physical possessions. We all care about something but there are people who go above and beyond the traditional definition of care to offer support to those who need a helping hand.    

So what makes a carer and do you need a formal qualification?

We don’t just find carers in a conventional care home, there are many people up and down the country who look after their family members or friends. This is not always a career choice, it can sometimes be expected of them after a family member becomes unable to care for themselves. These individuals, although they may not have chosen this path, are carers making a difference to the lives of others and stand alongside those special people who choose care as a profession.

At Morris Care we recognise that Carers come in all shapes and sizes which is why we embrace such a varied and diverse team across our homes. We believe that the best care starts with the best people and it is our people who make the difference to the quality care that we offer. 

Each of our homes have dedicated and passionate Home Managers who strive to provide the highest quality of care, putting the needs of the residents at the forefront of their minds. They are also responsible for caring for the needs of staff at the home including registered nurses and carers, ensuring that they are working in a productive, supportive and friendly environment. Our registered nurses and carers are consistently offered training to help with career development and also to ensure that they are providing the most up-to-date care.

We know that each member of staff at Morris Care is different, however they all have one common goal, which is to contribute to the care of your loved ones in a sensitive and compassionate manner. We believe that each person has something different to offer, whether it be a listening ear or a creative flair that can ignite a spark within the residents. This is what makes them special.

For more information on Carers Week visit www.carersweek.org 

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