The Cedar Philosophy: Creative Concepts to Enhance Dementia Care

We’re proud to lead the way in innovative and creative approaches to care, and this couldn’t be truer in the way we care for and look after our residents who are living with dementia.

Working with the University of Stirling, we’ve developed a bespoke approach to dementia care called The Cedar Philosophy which focuses on an individual’s wellbeing, their personal history and their needs, in addition to their nursing requirements. The philosophy can contribute towards reducing anxiety and stress levels.

What is the philosophy all about?

We place a great emphasis on the social wellbeing of our residents, and the key to The Cedar Philosophy is getting to really know a person – as well as their life history – so we can tailor their care plan to their specific needs.

For example, one particular resident living with dementia – who was a managing director for more than 50 years – was quite withdrawn when he first arrived at Corbrook Park. It didn’t take us long to work out what made him tick, so we created an exclusive office space for him – complete with desk, telephone and typewriter – which he visited on a daily basis to carry out his ‘day-to-day work’ and small projects he developed with staff. The set-up not only helped restore his sense of fulfilment, but saw him relax and settle in the Home.

With the help of The Cedar Philosophy, we’re seeing situations like this occur more often. To find out more about our dementia care, click here.

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