Stress Awareness Month – Settling In

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recently reported that 70% of people who have chosen care for themselves or a loved one thought it was the most stressful decision they’ve ever had to make.

April is Stress Awareness month, which is why we are helping support those who have decided that a loved one can no longer live alone. To help those considering a nursing home as the next step, we have compiled a series of informative blogs to help during the process of making the decision, how to find the right nursing home, settling into a nursing home and dealing with everyday life in a nursing home.

We appreciate settling into a new care home can be an upheaval, even if the move has been anticipated for a while, it can still be extremely unsettling for everyone involved. A good nursing home and its staff should aim to make this transition as smooth as possible, in a safe, warm and homely environment.

Prior to the move

Before the move, a member of staff from the home should ideally visit a prospective resident's current home to discuss individual needs and formulate a personal care plan.

Making everyone feel at home

It’s important that everyone, including family of residents, feel very much at home and comfortable to be themselves. We advise taking personal items for the residents’ bedroom, this could include soft toys, favourite music, photographs or ornaments. This will immediately create a private, personal space for residents to enjoy and relax in.

During the first few days, staff will be available to show residents around the home. If you are able to, it may be worth joining them or taking your loved one around yourself as they may feel more comfortable with you.

Ensure you are aware of the visiting hours so you can take full advantage and see your loved one as much as possible. Many homes will welcome family and friends at any time and will have flexible visiting hours, overnight accommodation, and may also offer the opportunity for residents to enjoy a meal with their loved ones. Visiting in the first couple of weeks is vital to allow residents to really settle in comfortably.


It may take longer than expected for residents to settle in, there are many factors that will take time to adjust to. A brand new environment with unfamiliar surroundings and new faces will take a while to get used to. Be patient.

Stay in the know

We advise you play an active role in monitoring the care that your loved one receives. Many homes have resident and relatives meetings that you will be able to attend and will give you the opportunity to ask questions. Care plans should be reviewed periodically or when necessary.

We know that moving to a care home is extremely stressful for everyone, but it is important to remember who the most important person in all of this is, the resident moving in. Try and be patient and understanding, we are here to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. Get in touch today to discuss any of your concerns or questions.

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