Stress Awareness Month – Everyday Life

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recently reported that 70% of people who have chosen care for themselves or a loved one thought it was the most stressful decision they’ve ever had to make.

April is Stress Awareness month, which is why we are helping support those who have decided that a loved one can no longer live alone. To help those considering a nursing home as the next step, we have compiled a series of informative blogs to help during the process of making the decision, how to find the right nursing home, settling into a nursing home and dealing with everyday life in a nursing home.

Life in a nursing home is very different to the ordinary life we are all used to, but it can result in an improvement of quality of life for some. To keep everyday life varied, homes will usually provide plenty of opportunities for residents to enjoy something different from their usual routine.

Get involved

Most care homes will have a jam packed activity schedule and will allow residents to get involved with as many, or as little, activities as they please. There should ideally be a range of activities that enable residents of all abilities to join in with. Activities should be sociable, creative and also have therapeutic benefits.

Many homes will arrange day trips for those who are more mobile, these trips are a great chance to experience a change of scenery and a sense of freedom.


Some residents won’t have the desire to make friends or socialise with other residents, but for others this is a very important factor and will enable them to feel more comfortable and relaxed in the home. Care homes will often have afternoons dedicated to ‘visiting neighbours’, which allow residents to get to know those who are staying in close vicinity to them. 

Your views

Many nursing homes hold regular resident and relatives meetings that give everyone the opportunity to put their questions or suggestions forward. Take advantage of these and don’t be shy to say what you think, a quality nursing home will take residents’ views on board and implement changes where possible.

Moving to a nursing home is a huge life change and it will always be a worrying and stressful time for those involved. Nursing homes are there to make the process as easy as possible and hopefully make real, effective improvements for the individual. Everyone’s needs are different and that means their experiences in a home will be different too, but making the most of the opportunities available will contribute to a happier stay.  

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