Shropshire Seniors Forum at Radbrook

This morning Radbrook Nursing Home once again hosted the Shropshire Seniors Forum which has been chairing meetings here for the past year.

The Shropshire Seniors Forum is run by a group of trustees who for 12 years have been bringing their expertise and life experiences to the discussions at various locations across Shropshire. The meetings give residents the opportunity to discuss current affairs, recent news or anything else that is on their mind.

Radbrook’s association with the trust began when residents saw the Forum’s magazine and liked it so much that they wanted to be part of the discussion and decided to offer a space for the Forum to host their bi-monthly meetings.  

The Shropshire Seniors Forum aims to create engagement and offer positive social experiences for the residents allowing them to meet new people, engage in healthy debate and feel more connected to current affairs and local community issues.

Today’s meeting took on a very different nature when the Mayor of Shrewsbury, Ioan Jones, visited the group to offer an insight into his role and duties as Mayor.

The next meeting will be held in January and the residents are already looking forward to the Beetle Drive that is being organised by the Forum.

For more information about the social activities at Morris Care, click here. 

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