Short stays to combat loneliness

Loneliness in the elderly has been featuring in the news for quite a while, but it is particularly poignant during the winter period. Age UK reports that more than 2 million people in England at the age of 75 live alone.

Here at Morris Care, we understand the pain the elderly can feel when they are all alone in this world. According to Age UK, 3.9 million older people agree that their television is their main form of company, even if they live in a street filled with people. Age UK also report that 200,000 older people often go as long as a month without speaking to anyone in their family.

We find these statistics shocking and upsetting. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Morris Care are constantly working to alleviate the ever growing issue of loneliness in the elderly. We are encouraging people to consider a short stay or respite care that is tailored to individual needs, in one of our beautifully appointed care homes.

Such welcoming environments, staffed by caring and skilled professionals, are not just for long-term residents, they are available to people in the community who may be feeling lonely or vulnerable at this time of year.

We are inviting people to get in touch and arrange a visit to one, or all, of our quality homes to meet the staff and to join in, in one of the many social activities.

Minimum one week stays can be arranged to give yourself, or a loved one, a change of environment and the chance to socialise with people in a similar situation. With regular events and activities, there is always an opportunity at Morris Care to interact and have fun. Although it is a short stay, we hope it leaves a long-lasting improvement on the lives of all of the people involved.

Chief Operating Officer Sue Austin said: “Residents in our care homes have the support they need so they no longer have to feel lonely. We work to make every day the best it can be, whether it’s simply spending time talking with them, helping people join in with activities or assisting them to make new friends with fellow residents.

“We believe there are people out there who could benefit from this approach so they don’t have to feel alone or lonely.  It’s an opportunity to spend a short time with us but one that could provide longer-lasting benefits.

“We are trained to make a difference. The important thing is that people are aware that social contact and support is available and we are here to make people feel better.”

To find out more about a short stay at one of our homes, please call 0345 515 0086.

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