National Love Your Pet Day

Tuesday 20th February is 'National Love Your Pet Day' and we are taking this opportunity to show appreciation to some friendly felines who call our care homes home. There are millions of cats across the country but we think Smudge and Felix really deserve a good scratch and an extra bit of kibble. Here’s why:

Felix, Oldbury Grange – No one really knows where Felix came from, but for seven or eight years he has called Oldbury his home. All our residents love to spend time with Felix, whether sleeping on the end of their beds or sneaking a little bit of food, he’s even been given gifts on occasion to keep him entertained. He likes to say thanks by bringing offerings from the garden. Although these are not always kept, they are appreciated all the same. The name Felix means lucky and successful and we can say without a doubt that Felix is one lucky and loved cat at Oldbury Grange.

Smudge, Isle Court – Smudge splits his time between the dementia unit and chasing birds outside. He firmly believes he owns Isle Court and everyone who stays there is only there because he allows them to be. On being told of National Cat Day, Smudge decided it was in fact a day in his honour and was extremely pleased that his national day was happening. To celebrate, he will spend it sleeping on resident’s laps and attempting to catch birds.

Make sure you share a little love for the pets in your life today.


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