Meet Lindsey Arnold – Training Officer for Morris Care

Lindsey was one of the very first employees to join the team at The Care Centre 26 years ago as a youngster fresh out of college where she had studied Health and Social Care. She left to pursue work in the retail sector for a few years before re-joining our business in 2004 as a Care Assistant, back at the same Care Centre.  She had discovered this was where her heart lay – caring for others. 

Lindsey completed Level 3 Health and Social Care accreditation and went on soon to become a Supervisor – growing her passion for working on the complex care unit with a mindset of wanting to make a difference.  As she gained experience, she earnt her promotion to Nursing Assistant and eventually took on a Training Assistant role as well.  It did not take long for Lindsay to fall in love with the training element of her day to day life and in June 2018 she was promoted to Training Officer for the business at large, welcoming new starters at the beginning of their journey. “It has been such an extraordinary career for me so far and I wanted to share what I have learnt and loved with others who are right at the start of their own personal journey in care.”

Morris Care has always believed in investing in its people and training forms a central core to that commitment.  Lindsay hosts inductions for new starters, along with other regular specialist training at the Morris & Company Welsh Bridge premises. With its own entrance and refreshment area, the location provides a spacious, well equipped home for the all-important sessions which also give a taste of the experience of being part of the wider Morris family business.

Training sits at the heart of good care.

Lindsey’s role covers the full spectrum of training required from mandatory fire, safeguarding, mental capacity, infection control and moving and handling modules, to additional courses such as supporting apprenticeships and those with new qualifications, all the way up to training Management Level 5 for Leadership.

Lindsey believes: “So many of those I train are keen to know how a job can turn into a career. I always stress that training is one of the keys to success, along with having the right attitude and personality for caring.  

“Whether or not you just want to be the best you can be within your role, or if you choose to take on more responsibility, training arms the individual to unlock his or her own potential.

“Learning and development is self-driven I believe and it is so satisfying watching candidates move on and up.  Every time I see someone who has grown and achieved through training and mentoring, it provides such a buzz for me and I feel my role plays a valuable part in that process” she concludes.

Lindsey is a people-person so the interaction is a vital part of the training process for her.  “There are excellent online training modules we use as part of the overall plan, but for me, the part I enjoy most is delivery – it’s where I am told I really come alive!”

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