Marvellous Marjorie

We are very proud to introduce our wonderful resident Marjorie.

At 107 Marjorie is our oldest resident to have received the Covid vaccination.

On Dec 29th 2020 our marvellous Marjorie turned 107. She said she is now collecting cards from the Queen as she has 3!! She was very proud of the 3rd card and will show it to people….always remembering to tell them that she has 2 more!

Marjorie was born in Halifax, Yorkshire in 1913. She is fiercely proud of being from Yorkshire. She grew up in Halifax with her parents and siblings and decided when she grew up she wanted to be a teacher.

She moved to Bangor in Wales and attended the teacher training college there in order to fulfill her dream of being a teacher. Although she enjoyed her time training she still missed Yorkshire.

After completing her training she returned to Halifax and became a teacher in a school in one of the poorer areas teaching underprivileged children. She enjoyed her time there.

Marjorie married before the war and their delightful little bundle of joy Prue arrived in 1945.

Marjorie moved to Croyden to continue her teaching there and lived in Croyden for many years before moving to Basingstoke to care for her mum.

Marjorie’s mum lived to be 102 so longevity is clearly in the genes!!

17 years ago Marjorie moved to Church Stretton as her daughter and son-in-law were moving there and she wanted to be near them. Marjorie lived happily in her little flat in Church Stretton for 17 years before having to move into a nursing home.

Marjorie has always enjoyed oil painting and Prue proudly has some of mum’s pictures on her walls. Marjorie is a very straight-talking lady and says it how it is. She loves to people watch and to chat about what she sees.

Marjorie says she has no real secret for a long life, but it’s important to be happy with your life, be with people that make you happy and to be active. 

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