Love is in the air this Valentine’s day

Love is truly in the air, as our residents and staff celebrate Valentine’s Day and resident couples reminisce about romance.

Moving into a Nursing Home can be difficult as new residents are parted from loved ones, which is why we offer shared rooms to help couples to continue to create happy memories together.

Our Isle Court Nursing Home in Shrewsbury is residence to husband and wife, Tony and Jennifer Knapp who met at a country dance in Pontesbury in 1979, where ‘Jenni’ was playing the fiddle.

Jennifer was a psychologist, so in order to win her over Tony decided to swot up on a psychology novel called ‘Walden Two’ by B.F. Skinner. The next time they met, it quickly became the topic of conversation and Jennifer was very impressed by this good-looking, well-educated man.

The pair attended a folk festival together, after discovering their shared love for the music. Both Tony and Jennifer say that they had the most wonderful time, and is one of their fondest memories together. Despite losing contact for a few months afterwards, the couple reunited over a meal and got married in 1982 and lived in Shrewsbury for many years.

The couple agree that they secret to a long-lasting marriage is: “Good food and a good sense of humour”. For the single-tons, Tony advises social groups and Jenni agrees: “We continue to attend lots of activities here at Isle Court, and can’t thank the team enough for their efforts.”

For more information on living in a nursing home as a couple please contact our team.

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