It Pays to Care

We are always eager to reward our staff members who refer a friend to join us. Recruiting in this way means that our new additions not only come with your outstanding recommendation, but we are also able to reward you as existing and valued members of the team. If you’ve got a friend that fits the bill then we will pay you £250 for carers and £500 for RGNs.

In addition to the obvious monetary benefits of this scheme, various research points to the positive links between having a friend at work and increased performance and productivity. A friendship culture in the workplace boosts happiness and motivation, uplifting the moods of staff which inevitably results in an optimistic atmosphere for our residents. Finally, you’re more likely to receive praise at work and have your opinions recognised if you work alongside friends.

When your friend asks “well, why should I join Morris Care over somewhere else?” you can of course enlighten them of your own personal experiences at the company but also the following benefits:

  • Celebrate your birthday with a paid day off
  • Free staff car parking
  • Free wi-fi
  • £2-£3 per hour paid overtime
  • Paid breaks
  • Free tea, coffee and toast in staff rooms
  • Pension scheme
  • Three months’ mentored support

To find out how to refer a friend, please request a form from your Home Manager. 

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