Isle Court's Special Visitors

Isle Court Nursing Home had a special visit this week as Shropshire Cat Rescue made its 100th visit to a Residential Nursing Home.

The Cat Rescue Shelter visits Isle Court around three times per year and has been doing so since 2014. Bringing two felines with them each time, the visits are enormously enjoyable for both the cats and the residents. 

The visits are highly anticipated by residents as they look forward to spending time with the cats, especially those who perhaps had their own pets in the past. For those residents, the rescue volunteers will take the cats to their room and allow them to pet and play with them.

Morris Care provides a small donation with each visit to help with the upkeep of the cats at the shelter which can see over 100 cats living there at a time, including up to 25 in their own feline retirement village.

We think it’s really important to embrace relationships between our residents and animals and encourage our Homes to put on these kind of activities. In the past we have had visits from dogs, creepy crawlies and even Shetland ponies!

Animals can help to enrich the lives of our residents on an emotional level by helping to reduce stress levels and aid in mental stimulation, vital for encouraging a rich and fulfilled life.

For more information about the Shropshire Cat Rescue, visit here.

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