International Day of Happiness

On International Day of Happiness, we are not only thinking about what makes us happy but what makes others happy too.

As individuals we all have different interests and hobbies which make us happy, whether this be going to a yoga class, attending a concert or even just baking our favourite cake. But what happens when we need to depend on others to help create that feeling of happiness for us?

As we get older we may find it more difficult to do some of the activities which we have always done throughout our lives and this can be frustrating. We find we can no longer take ourselves off for a long walk in the park or spend the day at the shops and perhaps need a little more support finding happiness through other means.

At Morris Care we understand that before they are residents, those in our care are individuals each with their own interests, and it is important to take the time to listen and find out what these interests are. By doing this we are able to offer a number of social activities in and around the home which have been designed with our residents and their differing interests front of mind.

We aim to provide the feeling of contentment for all of our residents, especially those who need that bit of extra support in finding it. Not only is happiness important for health and wellbeing, but by making others happy we often feel happy in ourselves and this is perhaps the most important message on International Day of Happiness.

So what makes you happy?

For more information about social wellbeing within our homes, click here.

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