In tune with World Music Day

Music in all its genres enriches us and forms a soundtrack to our lives. Just hearing a favourite song can take us back to a time and place which means something special.

Music certainly has a role in our care homes where songs from the past help to stimulate the imagination and create talking points.

For people living with dementia, listening to music is not only soothing and enjoyable, it can also provide an effective means to unlock memories connected with the songs.

The value of music as therapy influenced an appeal we organised last year where we asked our staff, family and friends to donate any old and unused iPods to be restored and filled with music to resonate with our residents.

It struck a chord with our approach to caring for people living with dementia and our Cedar Philosophy which puts people at its centre and tailors our care to them. It was developed by Morris Care alongside the University of Stirling as a way of focusing on an individual’s holistic wellbeing and personal needs, not just their nursing requirements.

So let the music play and continue to add to a life well lived. Making every day the best it can be.

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