End of Life Care

In our culture we place a lot of emphasis on having the best start in life, with state of the art maternity and first rate antenatal care but why should the end of someone’s life should be any different? Surely it’s even more important to have the best possible end of life care because really and truly, dying matters.

Our End of Life approach emanates from our own wealth of experience and takes cues from countries around the globe, helping residents live well towards the end of their lives and simultaneously providing that all-important support for families and friends at this difficult time.

At Morris Care, we encourage people to talk more openly about end of life and palliative care, whilst thinking about the issues and choices available. It is important to think how you will make the moments special in those final days.

Morris Care: Our Privilege

When a family member has an incurable illness, our aim is to provide the best possible care and comfort. We have created this video to let you know we are here for you, along with a series of blogs to help you find out more about End of Life care and your freedom to choose what is right for you and your loved one at their end of life care home.

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