Choosing where to end life

When it comes to exercising personal choice, some decisions are minor in the grand scheme of things while other ones are truly momentous. Choosing where to receive end of life care or helping a loved one to make that decision comes in that hugely important category.

And let’s face it, it’s not something we want to think about until circumstances dictate we must. But the Dying Matters campaign is raising awareness about how we should approach and prepare for the inevitable.

Those approaching the end of life are entitled to high quality care in a setting which suits them, whether with support in their own home, in a hospital, a hospice or in a care home. It should be an environment where they will be helped to live as well as possible until they die and then to die with dignity; a place where an individual’s wishes and needs are put at the centre of their care plan.

Some people may feel that going into a Care home setting is too traumatic but often these homes provide a homely and welcoming retreat.

High quality care where skilled staff provide end of life care with compassion and kindness to an agreed and tailored care plan needs to be a key priority.  

Care home residents who have formed close bonds with nurses and carers who have looked after them in later life do not have to go somewhere else like a hospital or hospice when the end nears. They can stay in the ‘home from home’ setting they know, with staff who will provide end of life care, with all the professional networks required to meet their needs and personal preferences. They will always be treated as individuals.

Bereavement is hard to deal with but knowing your loved one is well cared for to the end should provide some comfort.

As life choices go, choosing care homes with proven care skills and compassion will hopefully make this choice an easier one to make at such a challenging time.

When Morris Care is entrusted to care for somebody at any time, we regard this as a great honour, when it is for the journey of the final chapter of life, then it is a great privilege.

For more information about end of life services at Morris Care, click here.

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