Celebrating Carers in the Community

It’s time to say thank you and recognise the vital contribution made by the 6.5 million people across the UK who provide unpaid care for a disabled, ill or older family member or friend.

Carers Week (12-18 June) is a national awareness week to celebrate these unsung heroes.

At Morris Care we applaud the initiative as we understand the dedication and skills required to look after people well with compassion, giving them the quality of life they deserve.

Caring is a rewarding experience but it is challenging too.

So spare a thought for those carers looking after loved ones who may lack support and find themselves facing financial hardship, ill-health, emotional stress, relationship breakdown and isolation.

Carers Week is putting the focus on building Carer Friendly Communities – places that understand a carer's daily reality and where possible make life a little bit easier.

When carers in the community need a break, homes like ours can provide day clubs and short term respite care giving carers a much needed rest and a break from the norm.

We know every day is different and brings new challenges but our well trained professionals are here to help. We regularly see how they deliver a high standard of care and treat residents as members of an extended family.

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