Capturing the inspiration on #InternationalNursesDay2022

We never let International Nurses Day never goes unmarked and without heartfelt appreciation from everyone. 2022 is no exception as our CEO, Lucy Holl, delivered gifts with congratulations and found out what inspired some our nurses to do the incredible work they do.

Across the world, the valued contribution of Nurses is celebrated annually on 12 May, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth in 1820. This year, Morris Care was inspired by the Royal College of Nursing #BestofNursing campaign to share wonderful stories of how their team makes a difference.

Lucy explained: “Our team of amazing nurses really are an inspiration. We look for a special kind of nurse who not only possesses all the right caring skills but the ability to build lasting relationships with our residents too. It’s a vital part of everyday life in our homes.

She continued: “This year we have enjoyed finding out what inspired our nurses to come into the profession and change the lives of so many and our Clinical Lead and Deputy Manager at Isle Court Nursing Home, Beth Stannard, is a wonderful example.  Not only has Beth grown her career having started in the profession as a carer, becoming a nursing assistant then a Registered Nurse and gaining promotion to her current role with us, but she brings her own special brand of positivity and intuition and is much loved by her colleagues and residents alike.  We thought it would be lovely to share what inspired her to come and join us” Lucy explained.

“Growing up both of my parents worked in care – my mum was a Registered Nurse (working in palliative care) and my father was the former medical director at the Severn Hospice and a consultant in palliative medicine, so I feel that caring was in my blood from an early age” Beth explained.  “I could see from my parents’ experiences what rewarding and important work this was and I even went with my parents to Windsor Castle 2013 when my father received his MBE for Services to Palliative Care.  I‘m grateful to my parents for inspiring me through their life choices to train to become a nurse myself and carry on our family tradition.

She continued: “There is a real sense of fulfilment in caring for others, building relationships that matter and add to that, no two days are ever the same!  Nursing is stimulating, challenging and satisfying in equal measure and I have simply never looked back.”

At Corbrook Park Nursing Home, RGN Maria Morante reveals that no-one in her family was related to a clinical role, but her father had always been an inspiration by helping and caring for others.

“He was actually a butcher, but he was always close to people, trying to help them. I feel a carer by nature. When I see that I can make a bit of a difference to someone’s life, even just to make them smile for a few seconds, it makes me feel that I have achieved something and that rewards me.” Maria commented.

Having studied in Seville, Spain, Maria finished her degree in 1999 and has been nursing ever since: “That seems like a long time ago now!” she added.

“The best part about being a nurse is the privilege of accompanying someone who is going through a difficult time in their life due to health problems, or when they are in the last stage of their life – supporting them physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is very rewarding to feel that I contribute to their recovery or help improve their quality of life or at the end, to help them have a dignified death.

Maria continued: “I chose to be a nurse because I love it but I had to sacrifice some things to do it. I came to the UK ten years ago because I so respected the calibre of nursing here. This meant I had to leave family, friends and places behind. I love living in the UK and feel I am part of the British culture. I do find it hard not spending Christmas time with my family so I would advise anyone considering studying to become a nurse to look carefully into their heart and see if you really want to help others. There will be days where you might be frustrated and exhausted but the love for helping others is what will give you the strength to carry on and shine.”

Lucy commented: “You can absolutely feel the commitment of these wonderful nurses in our Homes every day. They have a genuine passion for what they do.  I am immensely proud of all our team and their dedication, patience and affection – they are a testament to the nursing profession and to us and that is why we recognise them today and every day as true heroes.

“Our little gift box of hand care gifts was carefully selected to represent a very small but heartfelt thank you for caring compassionately throughout the pandemic and aftermath and becoming extended family to our residents.  We all wish them all a really Happy International Nurses Day.”

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