Louisa Boyle Care Assistant - Isle Court

“I’ve been with Morris Care for about a year and a half. Before that I worked for a hearing aid company carrying out administrative tasks for 15 years.

Working in care is something I’ve considered for a long time and my previous job definitely pushed me towards it. We would regularly have elderly customers come in just for a chat and I did start to notice signs of dementia in a few of them.

I lost my father a few years back and so I wanted to give something back. Joining Morris Care has definitely done that for me. Knowing I make a difference every day, whether it’s big or small, is the most rewarding feeling.

I work on the ‘Forget Me Not’ unit with our residents living with dementia. I think this is where I belong, I can get to know them on a personal level and they tend to stay with us for longer so I can really find out about their life background and get to know their family.

I know the feelings of worry and even guilt some relatives experience when they are leaving a loved one in care and when they can’t be there for them 24/7. I make sure they know that’s why we are here, to look after them how they would want us to. You almost become part of their extended family and find yourself sharing your personal life with them – I showed one of our residents my wedding album because she would always ask about my husband.

I joined with no experience or qualifications but Morris Care has put me through all of the relevant training and I am now working towards my Level 2 in Health and Social Care. I would really like to reach the Nursing Assistant level in a few years.

I’m not saying this job isn’t hard work and there will be emotional days, but we all look after each other here and you’re not alone. You really have to want to care, to work in this sector and it really has to come from your heart.”