How does dementia change behaviour?

Behavioural changes are unfortunately not uncommon amongst people living with dementia, particularly in people who have been living with the condition a long time. The changes vary from person to person, depending on what form of dementia they are living with. 

Types of Behavioural Change

An individual’s personality can either be exaggerated or changed completely, depending on how dementia affects their brain function. It’s important to remember that however, your loved one is behaving, it’s an attempt to communicate how they are feeling.

Aggression and Frustration

It’s also likely that your loved one may get more aggressive as they begin to experience frustration or humiliation. It’s important to remember not to take this aggression to heart, as it’s the disease that’s controlling their behaviour. It’s often best to count to 10 and remove yourself from the situation until the individual calms down. 

Repetition and Anxiety

People living with dementia will often repeat stories or questions due to their short-term memory loss. They are also likely to feel more anxious as they forget where they put an item or lose their way.