Elderly Mentally Infirm – What is it?

In the care sector, it is not uncommon for nursing homes for the elderly to be classified in a number of different ways. Some homes may call themselves, a ‘Residential Nursing Home’ or others may call themselves, a ‘Care Home for the Elderly’.

As we move into later life, we are often bombarded with medical jargon when we speak to our GP or a Specialist Consultant. The term Elderly Mentally Infirm (EMI) is often used within the professional arena.

What is Elderly Mentally Infirm?

The term refers to older people who have mental health difficulties or frailties that include Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. However, those who are living with dementia and require a care home won’t always need to stay in EMI residential homes. The type of environment will be considered based on the individuals assessed needs.

Many care homes have dedicated “EMI” units for people at the more advanced stages of dementia and who require specialist, 24-hour supervision and care in a secure environment.

Morris Care is committed to providing the best possible dementia care to those who need it. However, we do not class ourselves as EMI Nursing Homes but this doesn’t mean we can’t provide care for those who need EMI care or those who are currently in EMI residential care homes.

Can Morris Care provide support for those requiring EMI care?

The very simple answer is yes, we provide EMI Care in Shropshire and Cheshire at our EMI capable residential care homes for the elderly.

Dementia can affect people in different ways – from confusion and isolation to frustration and anger. As well as helping with daily tasks such as getting out of bed, washing and eating, we also encourage residents to partake in activities such as gardening, drawing and creating memory boxes.

We help them live their lives and carry on doing the things they enjoy. Our unique approach to EMI dementia care is known as the Cedar Philosophy.

Everyone’s needs are different but clinical excellence combined with individual tailored care plans, means we can provide the expert care needed at our residential care homes.

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