About Dementia Care

All of our Homes provide support for those living with dementia. We believe good dementia care is providing a happy and safe home, where we get to know each resident as an individual. We work hard to provide meaningful, day to day experiences, delivered by compassionate staff, who are there to support our residents every step of the way.

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Care in our Dementia Homes

Life in our dementia-friendly households

The dementia journey can be an emotional one for residents and their families. That’s why choosing the right dementia care Home is essential – one with dementia-friendly facilities, specialist staff who are well trained and stimulating activities that lead to a healthy and enjoyable life.

Dementia is an umbrella term for a number of neurological conditions including the most common cause of dementia – Alzheimer’s. Suffering from loss of memory, language, problem-solving and other thinking abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life, means you need total confidence that the home you choose understands and can support both clinically and emotionally.

Bespoke dementia friendly households

We have created bespoke dementia friendly households within our dementia care Homes where everything is predicated to making life calm and enjoyable, helping tie into happy memories. The households feature specialist reminiscence and activity areas and familiar objects to stimulate the senses and create positive associations and interaction. Our Social Life Co-ordinators hand pick activities that stimulate the memory, from looking through old photographs to dressing up or doing a spot of gardening in the potting shed area.

These activities encourage residents to live to their own timescales, gives them a sense of purpose and means they are part of a warm, accepting and friendly community.

Dedicated Dementia teams

Knowing the importance of structure and familiarity, our dedicated teams listen and learn about residents’ life histories to follow routines as closely as possible. They help reduce anxiety and stress, prompting, reassuring and encouraging residents enabling them to make personal choices and live as independently as possible.

No matter the form or the severity of the symptoms, our handpicked carers devote their time to get to know each resident as an individual, reviewing their personal needs, medical background and life story.

Using specialist training, we unlock those special moments

Whether it’s the job they did, their married life and children or the seaside holidays they took every year. Using specialist training, we unlock those special moments. We feel that if we know the person, then we can provide the care they need.

We call this approach our Cedar Philosophy, designed to reduce anxiety and stress, focusing on the individual and their personal needs. We pioneered our approach to dementia care alongside a team of experts from the University of Stirling. It promotes dignity and respect for those living with all forms of dementia. It not only reduces anxiety and stress, but can lead to real therapeutic benefits for those with memory loss.


Available at

Isle Court
Call us on: 01743 816175
When you sweep up the driveway and admire the manicured gardens, you know you have arrived at ‘The Isle’, as it’s fondly known. This may have been an old country house but we have restored it to be both elegant and comfortable in equal measure.
Call us on: 01743 814555
Lying at the heart of a bustling community, our long-standing reputation for delivering kind and compassionate care continues in our warm and welcoming Home.
Oldbury Grange
Call us on: 01746 708588
Stunning grounds and gorgeous views of the Bridgnorth countryside, coupled with kind carers, skilled nurses and compassionate support staff – we are a home from home
Corbrook Park
Call us on: 01270 895004
Surrounded by acres of Cheshire countryside, our doors are always open, everyone is greeted with a smile and our residents are lovingly and professionally cared for.
Stretton Hall
Call us on: 01694 794141
Our elegantly decorated Home is set in the midst of the beautiful Shropshire Hills where our residents and their lovely families feel safe, welcome and well cared for.
Morris Care Centre
Call us on: 01952 890105
Morris Care Centre is a unique Nursing Home in Wellington, Telford, that provides exceptional standards of complex care. It opened in 1994 and the local community remember it fondly as the ‘old’ Women’s Hospital.

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