If you have dementia, or a family member is suffering from it, it can be difficult for everyone involved. The first thing to remember is that you're not alone. There's a lot of support available from your GP, from organisations such as the Alzheimer's Society, and from your local dementia care home or service provider.

Reducing the stress and anxiety that dementia causes can be tricky, but at Morris Care we have adopted a unique approach called The Cedar Philosophy. This was developed with the Univesity of Stirling, and focuses on the person to make sure their needs are met.

Caring for someone with dementia isn't just about their medical needs - they have emotional and social needs as well. We aim to care for the person as a whole, and in many cases this can lead to a reduction in the amount of medication they require.

We often have blog posts about dementia, with facts and helpful advice. Take a look below or visit our News page.

The BBC have recently posted an article about nine lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of dementia, which can be found here. 

Around 250,000 people in the UK develop Alzheimer's Disease each year. We have pioneered a new approach for those living with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. It's called the Cedar Philosophy, and it's changing lives.

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Dementia is wide-ranging term, and there are quite a few myths surrounding it. We've put together a quick, ten-question quiz based on some common questions and misunderstandings. Test your knowledge and see if you can get them all right!

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