Cathy Hopley Care Supervisor - Corbrook Park

“My career with Morris Care began in May 2016 when I joined the company as a Care Assistant. Having previously worked in the industry I had taken a break to pursue other interests but knew I wanted to come back into care.

When I joined the company I was put through all mandatory training to enable me to do my job to the best of my ability, but since then I have completed further training which has helped me to become Care Supervisor and Infection Control Leader.

My role includes mentoring and training new staff to the high standards of care that are expected and watching others achieve and grow in their own careers gives me a real sense of pride.

Throughout my time with the company I feel like I have progressed really well which I couldn’t have done without the opportunities presented to me by Morris Care who continue to drive and encourage the staff to achieve their goals.

Care is not an easy job and the key to success is to be prepared for hard work and embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Thinking on your feet and reacting quickly to changing surroundings is vital, but by embracing this and being happy in your work you will make a real difference to the residents in your care.”