Can I reduce the risk of getting dementia?

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of developing dementia, there are some factors that are known to contribute to it. Maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle may reduce your likelihood of getting dementia in later life.

Clean Living

By keeping fit, not smoking, eating a balanced diet and attending regular mid-life check-ups at your GP to keep your health in check, you could lower the risk of dementia significantly. 

Keeping Socially and Mentally Active

It’s also important that people keep mentally stimulated by having a good social network: visit people or have them visit you, join a club or volunteer for a charity. These are all good ways to keep socially active. Taking up new hobbies or learning new things can also help. It’s never too late to start playing an instrument or learning a language.

By keeping your mind active you are likely to reduce your risk of dementia in later life.

However, no one can stop the ageing process, the biggest risk factor of them all for dementia.