Becky Wooldridge Nursing Assistant - Stretton Hall

"I started working at Morris Care as a Care Assistant in June 2015 after a relocation to the Shropshire area. Having worked in the industry for 10 years, joining Stretton Hall was an easy decision as I knew I wanted to continue caring for people and putting their needs first.

I quickly completed all mandatory training and also my NVQ Level 3 which enabled me to progress to Care Supervisor. Since then, I have progressed even further. After an intense training period which was extremely interesting, I qualified as a Nursing Assistant just before Christmas 2017. The training was fantastic and ranged from in-house training with an assigned mentor, to observations and a medication competency test. This new position has sent me down the more clinical career path enabling me to do much more than I could in my original position. As a Nursing Assistant, I can now change residents’ dressings, administer medication and update their care plans.

Including mandatory training, I have had training in dementia awareness, infection control, and mentorship. I am constantly learning and still absorb a lot whilst working alongside the Registered Nurses. I am looking forward to my training in Venepuncture, the ability to obtain bloods from residents, as this will expand my skill set even further.

Like many jobs, work can be challenging but very rewarding if you are prepared to work hard and keep an open mind. Meeting new people and taking advantage of the exciting opportunities available will really help you to progress in your career. To be successful in care I believe you should be patientfriendly and dedicated to looking after the residents to the best of your ability.

I am so proud of myself for achieving what I have, and I have Morris Care to thank for that. I am excited to see what the future brings."